Best Elliptical Trainers
Introduction There were many exercise machines available in the market but the elliptical machine became the most popular form of other machines. They deliver to the feature of cardiac exercise with the further advantage of firming the muscles, shape muscles and lose weight as well. If you have a mini home gym, you must add
Best Home Gyms

Top 15 Best Home Gyms

Overview: It’s time to get out of this myth that being fit and enhancing your muscles is a very difficult or an impossible task. Believe me, if you really want to get in shape, all you need is a proper diet plan, good gym, quality sleep and a workout plan. Moreover, if you are a
Best Dumbbells

15 Best Dumbbells Of All Time

Overview: The mini products that are used to do exercise, to stay healthy and to remain fit are dumbbells. Dumbbells are used to increase muscle strength and to increase heart rate. Due to the increase in heart rate the extra calories in your body may also be burn. To stay in shape, Dumbbells are the
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manual treadmill reviews

Top 9 Best Manual Treadmills

Overview When you go out to the gym, you see the Manual Treadmill as an important product to remain fit. Nowadays, you are not worried about going to the gym because you can use the Manual Treadmill at home easily. Manual Treadmills are available in the markets and in the online stores. Manual Treadmill requires
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nautilus r614 recumbent bike review

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

Overview: Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is the oldest & cheapest alternative version of R616 bike. This bike comes up with a lot of features and an affordable price. Usually, these bikes are quite easy to use and also provides comfortable back support. Nautilus r614 is one of the best home-bikes for the price. Moreover, the
Box Weighted Vest Featured Image
Introduction If you want to be fit in shape, cross fit is one of the most powerful exercises to get fit. Cross fit is basically a bodyweight exercise, mainly a combination of calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting & aerobic exercise. It’s a wise option to buy equipments, such as shoes, weighted vests & straps for this dynamic
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